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Grid Connection Service


Having worked within electrical utilities our staff are experienced in navigating through the complex technical, regulatory and procedural requirements necessary to connect to the grid.


Powerlyt's grid connection service includes:

  • Examine your grid connection options

  • Establish a project scope, project plan, schedule and estimate of cost to complete the connection process

  • Compile required technical data on your generator or facility

  • Complete initial enquiry and application forms

  • Meet with the utility to discuss and progress the application

  • Project manage and monitor the connection application

  • Connection contract review and negotiation


The connection process can range from weeks to years depending upon the size and nature of the generator or facility and delays can be expensive.  There can also be significant costs to the applicant associated with obtaining system studies and estimates of works. Powerlyt will be there to ensure the time and cost to complete the process is minimised.

Contact us today for an obligation free consultation and quotation.

Avoid delays in connection of your new building, factory or generator to the grid by engaging Powerlyt to consult and manage the connection process with your local utility.

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