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Energy Procurement​


Energy constitutes a high input cost to most organisations. Often there are more than one source of energy available that can be used to meet the same business need. 


A Powerlyt professional will comprehensively analyse your energy usage and identify ways to minimise costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  Our professionals will:

  • Analyse energy use by site (daily, weekly and annual variations)

  • Calculate and compare unit cost for all available energy types

  • Identify the optimal electricity tariff by modelling site costs under different electricity tariffs

  • Identify sites which are able to procure energy from alternative electricity retailers ("contestable" sites)

  • For contestable sites, identify the lowest electricity and gas tariffs available through other retailers

  • Verify charges invoiced by your utility match tariff rates


Often substantial recurring savings can be found which are many times the cost of the consultation.  


Download our Energy Management & Procurement brochure.

Powerlyt will determine the lowest tariff available and verify energy invoices are accurate.  We are independent of all energy retailers.

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